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ASIA, the largest continent in the world! The continent of the Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Arabs, and so many more! Asia is, without any doubt, the most diverse part of the world, richest in culture and history. The continent has so many mysteries and attractions waiting to be unravelled. Largest mangrove forest, longest sea-beach, desert, the tallest building in the world, what doesn’t Asia have? Asia has some of the charming cities in the world with exclusivity and diversity. The dazzling Asians city has its own unique look and feel, creating a whole new world within itself, making every trip to Asia memorable and enjoyable. Welcome to Thrifty Tourister, where travellers seek their wanderlust. Home to almost half of the people on earth, this continent has endless places to visit. Today we will begin our journey to the top 10 travel attractions of Asia that lure millions of tourists every year. Let’s hop on board and start our journey to Asia.

Number 10: Mumbai, India

Previously known as Bombay, Mumbai is the commercial capital of India. The port city is also home to Bollywood, one of the largest film industries in the world. From jam-packed railway platforms to the famous Dabbawalas, multi-millionaires to suburban slums, the dazzling Bollywood to the quintessential Vadapav, Bhelpuri, and Sevpuri, the uniqueness of Mumbai is beyond words. Apart from the famous Gateway of India, this city hosts Elephanta Caves, Red Carpet Wax Museum, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, and many more tourist attractions. The diversity of the city represents the diversity of Asia, making it a MUST-VISIT for you.


Number 9: Manila, Philippines

The busy capital of the Philippines is an exciting and energetic metropolis. Sitting on Manila Bay’s shorefront, the city is an eclectic mix of modern attractions and rich history. From cathedrals and tributes to the city’s 16th-century establishment to modern-day malls and amenities, Manila has so much to offer! National Museum of Philippines, San Agustin Church are some of the perfect places to spend time in Manila to soak up Asia’s culture and history.


Number 8: Kathmandu, Nepal

Even though most people use Kathmandu as a quick-jump off point to the Himalayas, the capital of Nepal is worth spending a few days of your time exploring. Nepal’s cultural center may be a little rough around the edges, but when you dig deeper, it will surprise and delight you. Other than mountain treks, delicious street food, numerous Buddhist temples, distinctive landmarks attract all kinds of travellers — a seeker of nature, adventure, wildlife, food, or culture. You’ll be surprised to find yourself in Kathmandu over and over because exploring it just once is simply not enough!


Number 7: Bali, Indonesia

Rich in natural beauty, culture, and history, this captivating Indonesian island has something for everyone. Even though it’s known as a honeymoon destination and offers unique couple activities, Bali is perfect for visiting with your friends, family, and even solo. This heaven on earth hosts spiritual and wellness retreats because the natural beauty and calming environment claim to have healing power. If you’re searching for philosophical meaning to life like Julia Robert from Eat Pray Love, Bali’s rich temples and forests can bring you some level of content, even if not EVERYTHING. Breath-taking view of sunrise from Mount Batur or visiting ancient temples Pura Tanah Lot or Uluwatu Temple will make your Bali tour worth your time!


Number 6: Singapore, Singapore

The city-state of Singapore is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world! This diversified and luxurious city offers convenient transportation and accommodation for people of all classes. Amidst the densely populated city, the presence of nature is significant. The city skyline is filled with some of the world’s most magnificent skyscrapers. The opulent Marina Bay Resort is one of Singapore’s iconic landmarks with the astonishing view of the futuristic double helix bridge and Gardens by the Bay. Either you enjoy local delicacies at street food stalls of a busy city or want to take a walk through the botanical garden, Singapore has it all.


Number 5: Tokyo, Japan

The futuristic capital of Japan is the second most expensive city in Asia. Located in East-Central Honshu, this heavily populated city is a MUST-VISIT for anyone. Skyscrapers filled skyline, and Tokyo’s cutting-edge technology will make you feel like you’re in a sci-fi movie. However, the temples and museums also showcase the rich history, culture, and heritage of Japan. View from the world’s tallest freestanding tower (Tokyo Skytree) or shopping endlessly and enjoying local cuisine, your time in Tokyo is guaranteed to be enjoyable.


Number 4: Beijing, China

Beijing is the second-largest city in China. The 3,000 years old city still stands with astounding historical sites and cultural landmarks dating back centuries. Beijing itself has no shortage of unique sightseeing opportunities and things to do. The Great Wall of China, the Imperial Palace, the Forbidden City is to name a few of Beijing’s attractions. Being the capital of THREE imperial dynasties, the city is the richest in culture and history. On the flip side, the city has modern amenities to shop, dine, or enjoy the nightlife of China, along with splendid temples and parks, theatres, museums, and art galleries.


Number 3: Dubai, UAE

Famous for its skyscrapers, the United Arab Emirates’ capital is a true testament to mankind’s creativity, technology, and vision. The tallest building in the world calls this progressive city home. The light show of Burj Khalifa at night will quickly sweep you off your feet with this city. The harmony of all the major religions and races of this Middle Eastern will delightfully surprise you. Dubai is also home to Palm Island, an island created by men! At first glance, Dubai seems luxurious and expensive to visit, but there is plenty to do on a budget. Therefore, attracting tourists from all over the world. The safety and convenience easily make Dubai one of the top choices to visit in Asia. The nightlife of Dubai is pleasantly refreshing and unique in its own way. The malls of Dubai will save you from the desert heat while offering the best shopping experience in the world.


Number 2: Seoul, South Korea

With the rising popularity of K-pop, the capital of South Korea has become the most popular tourist attraction of South Korea. This vibrant city neatly combines ancient history with ultra-modern design and technology. From outdoor adventures like exploring Mount Namsan and its surrounding park to indoor fun like visiting one of Seoul’s many museums, the birthplace of K-pop has a lot to offer. The Seoul Tower, National Museum of Korea, Bukchon Hanok Village will give you a taste of Korea’s traditional culture and history. Seoul’s newest attraction, the Lotte World Tower, is impossible to miss while visiting Seoul.


Number 1: Bangkok, Thailand

The cultural and commercial capital of Bangkok is everything you expect it to be: noisy, crowded, colourful, exciting, infuriating, and smile-inducing. Bangkok has so many attractive tourist spots that it can be overwhelming! The city has a lot of different sides to it. You can find ancient temples and palaces rich in heritage and culture alongside a lively street market and vibrant nightlife full of life. Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and the famous Temple of Golden Buddha are remarkable to visit. Chatuchak Market in Bangkok is the largest market in the world. Stop by and take some souvenirs with you from Bangkok’s famous floating market, Damnoen Saduak. Whether you’re traveling solo or with family, Bangkok quickly makes the top place to visit in Asia for its diversity and unique offerings.


From India to Thailand, Dubai to China, Asia has countless mind-blowing places to visit for everyone. What’s your most favourite place in Asia?


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